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HWVT London Sunday Class: 7pm - 9pm


Level 1

1. Ready, Lok Ma
2. place first center and punch
3. On Guard Switch Draw
4. Up to three center punch
5. Front Kick, front kick moving forward
6. Moving forward and backward
7. Single hand Chisau
8. Double hand Chisau
9. 1 kick 3 punches
10.Forward /backward 3 punches
11.Forward/backward 45。3punches
12.Side kick
13.Sil Lim Tao 小念頭 套路
14.Ving Tsun hands drills
15.Application of Sil Lim Tao

Level 2

1. Chum Kiu 尋橋套路
2. Yee Bong 移膀
3. Paug Bong 抛膀
4. Low Bong 低膀
5. Double Tan
6. Double Bong
7. Lap sau 8 hands
8. Analyse and applications Chum Kiu
9. Advance Poon Sau , learn pointing centre line of transition( Chisau )
10. Basic Gow Sau , Sil 消、Sai 瀉、Tse 借 ( Chisau )

Level 3

1. Bil Gee 標指 套路
2. Analyse and applications Bil Gee
3. Yin Yang 18 Hands in Chisau
4. Six centre lines
5. Ving Tsun hands transition 4 corners

Level 4

1. Mot Yan Jong 葉問116式木人樁法
2. 10 sections applications
3. Receive with MYJ Ving Tsun Hands :
A. retain and transition
B. analyse angle , timing
C. how to generate power
D. connections and core
4. Chisau on Yin Yang hands
5. 8 Kicks in combat

Level 5

1. Six and a half point Pole form
2. Analyse and applications
3. training methods to generate power to the point
4. Pole sparring
5. How to use pole power in Chisau and combat

Level 6

1. Baat Jaam Dao 八斬刀
2. WSL Dao form
3. Ip Man Dao form
4. Knives sparring
5. BJD in Chisau and combat


The Mind is your strongest weapon, develop your Mindfulness from our Ving Tsun 18 Hands system.

Ip Man’s eternal combination of 18 Ving Tsun hands system allows you to learn and practice the way you fight. Train hard and train smart, simple, direct and really best ways for the practitioner to understand the essence and that to bring his body sensitivity, a quick reflex to the maximum skills & habit.

Hand drills like Bong Sau, Wu Sau, Pak Sau,Tan Sau, Fok Sau, Lap Sau, Jut Sau, Jamp Sau on the beginning of training. Punch, Strike, hitting training with control to the new practitioner and not to be so static and tense at the beginning.  

Comprehension is very important!

1st form. SLT 小念頭
We start with Siu Lim Tao 小念頭 form which trains over 90% of Ving Tsun hands with stance 坐馬 and development of the elbow, also the Wall Bag trains the elbow control, accurate position, with short punching distances, timing, and precision.

Than we start with Dan Chi Sau 單黐手 ( Single Sticky Hand)
is training position and sensitivity, also develop the elbow.
After Dan Chi Sau we start with both hand Chi Sau 雙黐手 Lok Sau 碌手
both hand position energy to flow,following hands and changing hands.

Footwork and kicking including moving, forward, backward, 45°,apply with Ving Tsun hands.

Poon Sau 盤手 will start training good energy、 position、 timing to Sil 消,Sai 瀉,Tse 借which gives sensitivity improvement, lat sau jik chung 甩手直衝and short bridge power 短橋力 short bridge explosive power, inch power,
punching power.

Practitioner need only 3 months of training to become really strong in Poon Sau (5 hours a day ! )
After good Poon Sau we train Sheung Ma 上馬/退馬 Tsoi Ma steps for Balance, structure, correct stepping, alignment, and force.

2nd Form. Chum Kiu 尋橋

Then we start with more Chisau and short after second form Chum Kiu, learning i – Bong 移膀 & Pal – Bong 拋膀 .
Chum Kiu form Develops the kicks, shifting, steeping, pivot, the easiest way 
for fighting, balance, synchronicity 
of both hands, specifically Tan,Bong, Fok, Wu, Pak, Lap, Heun,Gan, Kwan , Jut, Lan,Jum Sau …….18 Ving Tsun hands.

Lap Sau training improve the elbow, synchronisation of Wu Lap /punch, 
rotation of Bong sau and synchronisation of Bong Sau Wu sau smooth changes, balance, timing, sensitivity, angle.

Gwoh Sau 過手 exchanges is the next step and now we must use all the above that we learn in time.

3rd  Form Bil Jee 標指
Bil Jee 標指 form and without a good understanding of Ving Tsun idea in the start, Biu Jee would not work properly and also training of this form gives us a lot of explosive power. Some recovery movements with explosive footwork. Extremely danger movements to strike your opponent.

4.木人樁 Wooden Dummy 
Wooden Dummy training Improves position, angle, precision, timing, more working on elbows, balance, 腰馬 ,坐馬 sitting on stance ,食位 eating up the space limits of actions, the synchronicity of both hands and legs, and it is a bridge connection to Chum Kiu form.

5. Six and a half Pole 六點半棍 法
The six and a half point pole, or dragon pole, pole form, pole sparring.Will get extra 25 % or more power by training the dragon pole.

6. 八斬刀 (Knife Form)
Baat Cham Dao, the Knives form, drills, and knives sparring gives a lot is secret information, it is put at the end of training line with a good reason for better understanding and correct training of hand positions and explosive footwork.

The Knives Improved foot speed and evasion tactics. Also awareness of danger and How to fight any other weapon (except firearms).