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About HWVT

Hin Wah Ving Tsun (HWVT) is a traditional style of Martial Art passed on from  Ip Man, master to Bruce Lee. This system emphasises the importance of developing good, strong stances and is an essential foundation for fitness and health. It teaches the students good posture, body alignment and structure, deepens the stance root and strengthening and toning important muscle groups. By developing strength and endurance both physically and mentally, Ving Tsun will tone the body into a healthy, open conduit for CHI ENERGY, fortifying the immune system and strengthening the internal organs, therefore produces significant health benefits through a heightened natural resistance to sickness and quicker recovery from injuries.

Amongst the numerous other benefits include the following: stress reduction; inducing greater self-discipline; builds on self-confidence and mental focus; enhance body alignment; improve flexibility and better coordination of the body functions; self-empowerment and empowerment.In Ving Tsun, one of the first training is to calm the breathing. Mediation and breath training are two methods used to relax and have the health benefit of improving the capacity of oxygen absorption in the lungs, fortified chi flow, and achieving a calm and focused mind.In addition, it is a great self-defense exercise. For example, the Chi Sau Exercises (Sticky Hands) develop effective reflective reflexes using the principle of ‘economy of motion’ to intercept and block an attack as well as in the attacking mode. This can be used in both defending and attacking situations.Patient and diligent practice is required to progress to the point free state of awareness which is the ultimate goal of traditional Ving Tsun training resulting from many dedicated years of training where the mind and body, both mentally and physically, are brought into harmony with life.