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Ip Man ‘s grand disciple 
Master Keith S.K.Chan  ,  
2nd generation master of Ip Man lineage,

Genealogy of Ip Man lineage instructor as published on 1st edition of
Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic
Association since 1990

Hin Wah Ving Tsun     
Founder  and Head coach
Sifu      Keith S.K. CHAN
葉問徒孫  陳樹基師傅

1990 年第一版香港詠春體育會族譜教練

Master Keith S.K. Chan
When I was very young, Hong Kong was experiencing a kungfu boom sparked off by the late Bruce Lee. Like Donnie Yen, we all idolised Lee Sil Lung( the little dragon) and we were all inspired to take up kungfu training.

I came to England to further my education and to look for a better life. Id encountered a lot of racial tension that resulted in many fights. Maybe this was due to the people not being well educated at the time. In any case, I felt compelled to learn a martial art to protect myself.

I met a friend who had 2-years’ experience in the wing chun system, the very system that Bruce Lee had followed under Grandmaster Ip Man in Hong Kong. He’d learnt under the Leung Sheung’s lineage, Ip Man’s first disciple, and he taught me the basics of wing chun kungfu. After some time training with my friend, he suggested that I go to London’s Chinatown to find a more qualified sifu(teacher). He said there was a direct, senior student of Ip Man teaching there, his name was Kan Wah Chit. After an initial interview, I commenced my wing chun training under Sifu Kan early 1981. After several years of continuous and dedicated practise, I become the assistant instructor at the club in 1985. I was encouraged to open my own club in the southeast of England. I ran the club for 3-years’, but due to work and family commitments, I was force to close the school, however, I still continued to practise with some students.

Became a member of the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Atheletic Association instructor , I begin teaching privately.

Started my own Ving Tsun association. During this time, I’d investigated many different wing chun lineages in order to improve myself and my comprehension of the wing chun system. I spent much time on exploring the wing chun tools and concepts in an attempt to devise a curriculum that’s easy and fast to learn, in order to facilitate the proliferation of the wing chun style sunshine wide(faat yong gwong dai). My aim is to raise the standards of wing chun and to help this fantastic art flourish throughout.

Master Keith S.K. Chan
Founder of Hin Wah Ving Tsun
Ip Man ‘s Grand Disciple Master

陳樹基 師傅 自述


1980年認識了一位習了兩年詠春拳,年約二十八歲的朋友,他解釋和教導我一些基本拳理和動作,從他口中認識到李小龍師父- 葉問宗師。當時他傳授我一些的梁相系的詠春拳(梁相乃葉問宗師的門徒),之後他建議我到倫敦華埠正式去訪名師去學習詠春拳。當時有葉問宗師嫡傳弟子簡華捷 師傅(恩師),在華埠開班剛教了三年多詠春。我在1981年初拜師學藝。經過幾年不懈的練習,1985年我晉身成為助教,更在1986年恩師鼓勵之下,在 英國東南部開辦自己的詠春拳班。由於家庭和工作的關係,我结束辦了三年的詠春班,但自己仍然繼續鍛鍊。
1990年我成為香港詠春體育會員教練,私人教導幾位徒弟。2008年自已成立衍華詠春團體,專心整理自己所學,到各地和多位名師進修和引證,專心硏習各 種詠春的手法,去蕪存菁,務求一招一式都符合詠春的拳理和法則,及至改為全方位的教授方法,使學習者更容易了解整個詠春拳的體系。


陳樹基 師傅 筆記本
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